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Why Optical Alchemy?
All The Benefits | None of the Hassles

When deciding to develop a web presence there are generally three options available

  1. Hire a full time Webmaster. This option costs quite a bit, somewhere upwards of $40,000 a year, but gives you the ability to make changes to your site whenever you desire.
  2. Hire someone to make your site and pay them per update or monthly with whatever turn around time they feel like quoting. The advantage here is that you generally only pay the individual updates so the cost is a little lower. The down side being the increased turn around time and reality that you are not the only client this webmaster is working with.
  3. Hire the college student next door to make your site and hope in 6 months he hasn't moved on to "bigger and better" things. The advantage here is the low up front cost. The danger is that your site may be dead in the water if he/she disappears.
Optical Alchemy offers two affordable services that can accomodate any need
  • Optical Alchemy Administrator, our flagship product, can release you from the constraints of normal developer/client relationships. With Optical Alchemy Administrator you will no longer be tied to your developer for the life of the site. Optical Alchemy designs and develops a system that puts control of the site in the user's hands. This allows clients to keep their own sites up to date quickly and easily in the same way they would work in Microsoft Word or a similar product.
  • Optical Alchemy Custom Build, our stand-alone service, produces high quality sites at very affordable rates. The priority on these sites is fast turn around, to keep costs down, while maintaining the quality and standards compliance essential for a successful web presence.
Professionally Educated Staff

The owner of Optical Alchemy, Brion van Over, holds Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Communication with specializations in Computer & Information Systems

Real World Industry Experience

Optical Alchemy has been developing professional web sites since 1999. The owner has worked for professional Web Design & Development companies and has worked in the free lance industry designing & developing sites for diverse markets.

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